Easi-Joist® installation guides and site instructions for both Masonry and Timber Frame:
E-Joist-Masonry Site Guide
E-Joist-Timber Frame Site Guide
Advisory document regarding attic conversions :
Attic conversion of Trussed Rafter Roofs pds8 2013
Our Declaration of Performance Document for Easi-Joists® :
MAGTRUSS CE-DoP EASI_Joists 17-09-2014 [LA-01-10-15]
Our Declaration of Performance document for Trusses Rafters:
MAGTRUSS CE-DoP Trussed Rafters 17-09-2014 [LA-01-10-15]
Our Health and Safety Document relating to Trusses Rafters:
MagTruss HaSD
Our Health and Safety Document relating to Easi-Joists®:
Magtruss HaSD Easi-Joists
This document details the important items you should consider when deciding the layout of a roof
which you wish to use as a “Room In the Roof” (RIR) and the optimum sizes of truss and room recommended.
Room In the Roof Sheet 1 08-2007
This document details the requirements for storage of Trussed Rafters on site :
Storage Guidelines pds3 2013
This is our suppliers Chain Of Custody certificate related to our timber:
Timber pefc_cert06
Builders Metalwork / Fixings ITW-Cullen Technical Guide
Cullen Tech Guide 2017

Wolf Systems Trussed Rafter Technical Guide
Wolf Systems Trussed Rafter Tech Guide