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Easi Joist

Metal web (or Open web) joists,  Easi-Joists® are a relatively new product to the Irish and UK markets which utilise the combined strength properties of timber and steel to produce an extremely strong and very light weight engineered solution for floor joists.

Magtruss Ltd were at the forefront of bringing this technology to market and were the first manufacturer in Ireland to produce Easi-Joists®. Working with our engineering partners Wolf Systems Ltd and the Irish Agrément Board (IAB) in developing this product for the Irish market, achieving certification in 2007, IAB cert No 07/0280. Easi-Joist® has since gone on to attain European Technical Approval and holds an ETA-07/0032.

Our Easi-Joist® production is fully certified by the NSAI and CE marked to comply with the latest Building Regulations.

The use of Easi-Joist® has significantly increased in popularity in Ireland since their introduction. Clients who have switched to Easi-Joist®, would not now go back to using traditional solid timber joists.

Not only does Easi-Joist® outperform solid sawn timber in span and dimensional stability, the added benefits of a greater bearing area and the open web system, make them easier to install for the carpenter. The follow-on trades like plumbers’ and electricians’ work and time on site is reduced considerably, due to the ease with which their pipes and wiring can be installed in the voids in the joists, reducing valuable time and cost and eliminating the need for notching or drilling.

Practical Benefits

  • Its open metal web system makes for simplified installation of services and a reduction or elimination of surface-run pipework.

  • Eliminates notching and drilling for services.

  • With the introduction of the latest Building Regulations and the requirements of air-tightness, Heat Recovery and Ventilation systems are becoming more prevalent. Easi-Joist® is the perfect solution to accommodate the ducting and pipework needed in these situations.

  • Open metal web joists deliver outstanding acoustic performance to comfortably pass stringent regulations without additional insulation, plasterboard or resilient bars.

  • The minimum 72mm wide flanges provide an excellent surface for the fixing of floor decking and plasterboard ceilings.

  • Available in a variety of depths from 219mm up to 417mm and can be designed to be installed at centres up to 600mm.

  • By using kiln-dried stress graded timber, shrinkage is virtually eliminated.

  • Easi-Joist® are made to measure, thereby reducing site wastage.

  • Lightweight construction dramatically reduces the installation time required.

  • Easi-Joist® can be top chord supported, which is particularly useful in timber frame construction, as the potential for shrinkage in the floor zone is all but eliminated.

  • Evidence from builders has indicated that the maintenance/call back items normally associated with solid timber joist floors are not evident when using Easi-Joist®

  • Easi-Joist® are also suitable for use in roofs, such as flat roofs, lean-tos and pitched roofs.

  • Reduced need for site storage with Just In Time (JIT) purchasing, having your Joists delivered only as they are needed.

  • Can be designed to take a liquid screed with underfloor heating.

  • Can be designed for a variety of loadings including offices, pubs, hotels and gyms.

  • Easi-Joist® can be designed in lengths of up to 11.5 metres using multiple internal supports, greatly speeding up the installation of the floor and reducing time and costs.

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