Trussed Rafters

Harness the Strength of Trussed Rafters For Your Roofing Solutions.

Trussed Rafters (or Roof Trusses) are specified for over 90% of roofs for housing in Ireland today. Since the punched metal plated trussed rafter was invented in 1952 in Florida USA, they have revolutionised the house building industry worldwide. The trussed rafter is an individually designed component, engineered to provide a structural frame for the support of roof or similar structures and have proven to be an efficient, safe and economical method for supporting roofs since their introduction into the UK in 1964, and Ireland in 1968. With the increasing power of computer technology, Trussed Rafters are now revolutionising the greater construction industry providing engineered solutions for ever larger and more complex building projects.

Only specialised timber engineering companies can manufacture and CE mark Trussed Rafters, and must be independently monitored by a recognised ‘Notified Body’, such as the NSAI.

Increasingly – RiR – Room in the Roof or Attic trusses are being specified on projects of all sizes, providing an extremely cost effective way of enlarging the overall floor area of a property, while maintaining the original footprint of the building. While there are some limitations as to what can be achieved, this method of utilising the space in the roof is some 5 times faster to construct than using the traditional cut method, (see “Attic Do’s and Don’ts” – Note:- the rules outlined here would also refer to roofs utilising Raised Tie trussed rafters). If this additional space is not to be used immediately, the requirements of SR 70 Clause 13.2 Design for future alterations and changes of use, should be taken into account. In addition, where this option is considered in a roof over a two storey dwelling, the Building Regulations Part B Fire and Part K Stairways in particular, should be consulted to ensure compliance.

Our team at Magtruss Ltd are experienced specialists in roof and floor component design and manufacture, and are therefore ideally placed to assist in achieving affordable, precisely engineered solutions throughout all sectors of the building industry.

Practical Benefits

  • A flexible, practical and fully engineered solution to your roofing requirements in the modern building

  • The pitch range of trusses is generally 22.5° to 45°, however lower and higher pitches can be achieved

  • Due to trusses being pre-fabricated components, there are substantial on-site time and labour cost savings

  • Economy of materials, as trussed rafters can use up to 40% less timber than a traditionally formed roof

  • Delivered to site in complete package with full installation instruction drawings and detail

  • Reduced need for site storage with Just In Time (JIT) purchasing, having your trusses delivered only as they are needed

  • Quick erection of the roof structure enabling other trades to commence quickly

  • Reduction in site waste, loss and pilferage of valuable materials

  • No need for internal load bearing walls to support the roof unless extremely long spans or Attic truss options necessary

  • Proven efficiency, safety & economy

  • Designed to suit each customer’s own specifications

  • Fully certified and monitored by N.S.A.I. Quality Control Standards and CE marked

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